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Create a Olympia Account

Step 1: Create Your Pepper Account

If you are setting up a new Olympia account, this the the best place to start. You can register for a Olympia account by going to You can also register for Olympia by using an affiliate link provided to you by another Olympia user.

As a customer, you will be offered a free 14-day trial when signing up for a Olympia account. Keep in mind you will only be provided with one(1) free 14-day trial per email address. 

Registering with Olympia

1.  Go to  

2.  Click the orange button that says “Start Free 14 Day Trial Now“.

3.  Click on the”Try For Free” button underneath the plan you would like to try. 

4.  Fill in the required fields and click the blue button that says “Go To Step 2”.

5.   Next, enter in your billing information.

6.   Click on “Complete Order”.

7.   A confirmation page will appear on your screen once the process is completed with a short onboarding video.

Your account is now registered using the Olympia signup process at 

Registering with Olympia from a Shared Affiliate Link 

1.  Click on the Shared Affiliate Olympia Link that includes “Olympia-sales-page-main?fpr=” and then the affiliate’s name.

*Note: This link is provided through our affiliate program. 

2.  Follow steps 2-7 from above once you have opened up the affiliate link.

Click here to learn how to install the Olympia software, the second step of Getting Started with Olympia.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking here.