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Create or Edit Tags

Once you have navigated to your CRM, you are ready to start creating tags! These tags are used to organize the people in your CRM. 

Create a New Tag

1.  Click on the empty box in the top left hand corner of the CRM that says “Create a new tag” and type the name of your tag.

2.  Click onto the blue plus sign button to generate the tag.

Edit a Tag

1.  Click on the pencil icon on a specific tag to edit the name, then click the save button to change the name.

2.  Click on the brush icon to change the color of a specific tag.

3.  Click on the trash can icon beside the tag name to delete a specific tag. When you delete a tag, any profile that is within the tag will be relocated to the “untagged” tab when you click on the blue button that says “Bulk Tag Friends”. 

4.  Click on the move pointer icon to change the order of the tags.

Click here to learn how to select, change, or remove a tag, the third step of the Olympia CRM feature.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking here.