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Olympia Messenger CRM Guide

The Olympia CRM allows you to organize your Facebook leads and friends to be able to easily manage your conversations. There are many features in your Olympia CRM including the ability to create or edit tags, tag your friends, and access the dashboard. 

Parts of the CRM 

1.  A bar to create a new tag.

2.  A blue button to bulk tag friends.

3.  An upload button to add your existing Facebook friends to your CRM.

4.  A airplane icon to edit or add to your canned responses.

5.  A sync button so your information will be accessible on different computers.

6.  A gear icon to access the dashboard.

7.  A chat button to start a conversation in messenger with a specific person.

8.  A note button to add a note about an individual only seen by you.

9.  A section showing all of your canned responses as well as buttons to add new templates and messages and save them.

10.  A section showing all of your current tags.

11.  A search bar to search friends within a specific tag.

Click here to learn how to navigate to the Olympia CRM, the first step of the Olympia CRM feature.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking here.