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One Time Sync

The “One Time Sync” feature allows you to add your existing Facebook friends to your CRM with a push of a button. This is an optional step and you do not have to import all of your Facebook friends into your CRM if you choose not to.

1.  Click on the upload button in the top right hand corner of the CRM. 

2.  Click on the blue button that says “Scan”. Olympia will begin scanning your Facebook friend list to identify friends who are not in your CRM.

3.  Once Olympia has finished scanning your friends list, a new tab will open and Olympia will begin importing your friends to your CRM.

4.  If you pause the scan before it is complete, you can “Resume Scan” by pressing the blue button or by pressing the green button that says “Start Import” you can begin importing your friends to your CRM. **If you stop an import session before it is over, you will have to start the process over again.

Click here to learn how to unfriend people from your “Lost Lead” tag.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking here.