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Sent Friend Request

The “Sent Friend Requests” tab allows you to see all of the friend requests Olympia has sent. It also is the queue for your Welcome Messages.

How to View Your Sent Friend Requests

1.  Click on the “Sent Friend Requests” tab. 

2.  Click on the blue button that says “Load Sent Friend Requests”. 

Parts of the “Sent Friend Requests” Tab

1.  A search bar to look for a sent friend request. 

2.  A filter to select what friend requests you are viewing. 

3.  A remove button to bulk remove people from your sent friend requests tab. 

4.  The name of the person Olympia has sent a friend request to. 

5.  The status of the welcome message. 

6.    The welcome message template the person will receive.

7.   The date the friend request was sent.           

8.   The option to remove/delete the person from the “Sent Friend Request” list. This will prevent Olympia from sending the person a Welcome Message, but it will not remove the actual friend request sent.           

Click here to learn about the Welcome Messages Tab.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking here.