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Share Your Link With Others

Once you have created an affiliate accountselected your payout method, and uploaded your tax form you are ready to start sharing your link with others. Each person receives a unique link and has the ability to personalize the link as well.

Step 4: Share Your Link with Others

1.  Scroll down to the bottom of your dashboard to access your link.

2.  Press the gray button that says “Copy” next to your link to begin promoting Olympia. If you would like to personalize your link, follow the steps below.

Personalize Your Link

Please note you should not change your link if you have already promoted Olympia as this will affect your commissions. 

1.  Click on “customize link”.

2.  Enter in a new ID you would like to be attached to your affiliate link.

3.  Press the gray button that says “Save”.

4.  You will know if the affiliate link is successfully updated when you see your new ID attached to the end of your affiliate link.

Click here to learn how to track your affiliate commissions and leads, the fifth step of the Affiliate Program.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking here.