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Tracking Affiliate Commission and Leads

Once you have created an affiliate accountselected your payout methoduploaded your tax form, and shared your link with others you can track your affiliate commissions and leads. You are able to view the performance of your affiliate link for the past 6 months so you can monitor your best performing campaigns and replicate those strategies to promote Olympia with more success.

Step 5: Tracking Affiliate Commissions and Leads

1.  In the top right hand corner of your affiliate dashboard, you can click on the hyperlinks to track your affiliate commissions.

2.  Click on “Details” to track the performance of your affiliate link. You are able to view how many clicks, sign-ups, customers, and earnings occurred on a specific date.

3.  Click on “Referrals” to view the people who have signed up for Olympia using your affiliate link. If you are offering your own separate bonus when signing up for Olympia this will help you confirm who has purchased through your link.

4.  Click on “Rewards” to see all of the commissions you have earned when a lead transitions from a trial to a paid customer.

5.  Click on “Payouts” to view when you have been paid out for your affiliate commissions. Payouts occur on the 15th of every month.

6.  Click on “Assets” to view resources to help you promote Olympia.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking here.